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Orca2 Prototype PRE-ORDER

Orca2 Prototype PRE-ORDER

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Sculpture Medium

Much anticipated revision to the Orca - The Orca2 brings many quality of life changes to our first boro style sculpture in a smaller footprint


25.8mm x 41.8mm x 81.1mm

(21700 variant coming after prototype testing)


  • Adjustable center pin - accommodates all tip and RBA options 
  • Redesigned boro + battery cover to eliminate tolerance issues (loose boro/battery door)
  • Device is able to be disassembled using 8 screws - no adhesive holding any parts together
  • Custom contacts throughout the entire device - no wires at all
  • Ergonomic buttons - less likely to lose them (option for panels to fit Orca1 buttons)
  • PA12 3D printed internal sled carries all internal components - allows for incredibly simple repairs 
  • Custom PCB with FPC/ZIF to allow for quick replacement if needed

Please note: this is a PROTOTYPE sculpture - changes are likely, you are a tester! I highly value your feedback here. A larger test pool will help ensure the production version is as perfect as possible. Estimated lead time on these prototypes is 3-5 weeks. As with any new product, issues can arise. Please be patient with us. Do NOT purchase if you are unwilling to deal with potential delays.

All sculptures will include matte black covers
Clear Poly sculpture will include matching clear covers
Additional covers will be available before devices are ready to ship - orders for these items can be combined. 

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